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feature request auto-save in interactions and not just in cutscenes

edited October 2014 in Technical Q&A
cutscenes have a "auto-save after" checkbox.
i wonder if it wouldn't be useful in some cases to add that in interactions .

what is actually the difference between interactions and cutscenes (other than interactions are called from user input , and those can call cutscenes?)
seems like both are mainly a list of actions that the engine performs.


  • Mostly true - it's mainly for convenience in arranging, as you'll end up creating many of each type over the course of development.

    However, you can simply create a simple Cutscene called "Autosave progress" and call it at the end of any Interaction, with the After running setting.  Give the Cutscene a single Engine: Pause game Action of zero seconds, and check "Auto-save after".
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