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Inventory menu on tablet

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I'm having an issue on the tablet. When I want to recall the inventory menu with my finger the characters starts walking in that direction...I don't know how to explain very well...I go on the top of the screen to see the inventory menu on the tablet I have to click and when I click the characters move :(


  • Which version of AC are you using?  Do you have Touch Screen set as your Input style?

    You may need to adjust the Menu such that the Menu's border extends beyond the Button's icon.  Generally this kind of problem occurs because the finger is pressed too close to the Menu's edge.  Try extending the invisible part of the Menu - so that while the Button looks the same in-game, the Menu's actually a bit bigger behind-the-scenes.
  • I was thinking about more a solution like a little button on the top and when u go there with the finger the inventory doable?
  • Sure - just create a menu to open up the inventory.  Set the Inventory menu's appear type to Manual, then make a new menu, with a Button, and set that Button's Click Type to Crossfade and enter the name of your Inventory menu.
  • Great THX! :)
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    Here I am again! I know u hate me :(

    I tried out ur method and is working but is not what I want :) I was thinking more something like this...a lot of images to explain...I hope to be clear and remember I'm talking about mobile

    During gameplay I want this kind of situation...the menu with the type INVENTORY just up the screen like the image below...


    then on the tap of the zone where is the typo inventory a pan to this


    from that menu u should be able to examine the key to have more info about it and if u have to use the key with the hotstpot of the door click and drag or something like that...I accept advices too :)

    Do u think is doable? thx very much cause u are so patient with me :P
  • Just create a "blank" menu to act as the button to open up your Inventory menu.  This should be a separate menu, with a button that covers the top of the screen, but with no texture/label so that it's invisible (even though it's enabled).  When click the button, close that menu and open the inventory!
  • and what about the inventory interactions with hotspots? on the tablet I can't drag and drop like I do with the mouse...
  • Have you set your Input type to Touch Screen?
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    yes but I have the same problem...the menu on the downleft corner for example even in touchscreen mode need two clicks to activate
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    Plus I'm just noticing everytime I do a transiction in the upper menus the downleftcorner menu makes glitches :(
  • Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean about your glitches comment.  Screenshots?
  • Okay I'm feeling totally dumb but I can't achieve what I want...I don't understand how can I let scroll the inventory bar if the inventory bar is actually not there and it will spawn only on the click of the top button...I is possible? :/

    I try to explain can the menu scroll on a click if the button is not there? I'm tryng for hours to achieve what I want and I just can't...I feel so stupid...
  • I'm afraid I still don't understand what you're trying to achieve, so I'll try to give a more general overview of how menus display:

    Menus hide and show according to their "Appear type" setting.  This rule will always be followed, unless they have been locked off.  For example, the Demo game's Inventory Menu is set to appear "On Mouse Over", i.e. when the mouse cursor hovers over it's area.

    Menus can be turned on and off using Button clicks, and the Menu: Change state Action, but they will still obey the Appear type.  So if you want to hide/show a Menu completely manually, you have to set it's "Appear type" to Manual.
  • I just want a menu like the images I posted...a pan down menu...

    In the image is like the type INVENTORY and when u click on the type INVENTORY the entire SAME menu pan down
  • If I'm understanding correctly, I don't think AC can do exactly what you're asking for without custom code.

    However, I think there is a way you can simulate what you're looking for using two separate menus.

    1. Create one menu with the appear type "during gameplay" and have one button element with the texture you want so that it looks like what you want in the first image. Also size and position the menu and the element so that it looks like the menu in your image.

    2. Create a second inventory menu whose appear type is manual, and whose transition type is "pan" and from "up".  This menu should have a bottom part which is identical to the texture in the first menu, and the top/middle part will be your inventory menu. Also, set its position and size to fit the top of the screen where the ingame menu is. 

    3. Now, for the button in your ingame menu, set it to crossfade to the inventory menu when tapped. You might need to play around with the positioning of the menus, the pan speed, and the sizes, but you should be able to get the illusion that you're "dragging" down the inventory menu when clicking the ingame menu.

    Hope that helps!
  • I apologise - I got confused by your images when I saw the door and hotspot labels.

    @skitt2501 has the right idea - you'll want to create two Menus with the illusion of it just being one, with one Menu recreating the look of each image you posted.  The main inventory bar should be set to "Pan" transition, and you'll have to play with the Pan distance setting to get the effect of the Menu dropping down seamlessly.

    Rather than Crossfading from the "pull-down" button to the main inventory bar, I would instead suggest running a custom Menu ActionList that turns off the first Menu instantly, and then turns the second one on by fading (in this case, panning).
  • thx so much guys...I'll try and I'll let u know :)
  • Btw I still have problems with touchpad...the menus and the drag from inventory options is not working
  • This is not enough to work with.  I cannot help without details.  Screenshots speak a thousand words!
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