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Various Questions :)

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So I have various doubts :) hope someone can help me :)

a) there is a way to make a hostpot on status OFF at the begin of the scene?

b) the KILL action is usefull for what? Some examples?

c) I'm making a 3d game with a a lots of assets...u think there is a way like load objects room for room or just when the gamera needs to render?

ty very much :)


  • a) Add the RememberHotspot script to your Hotspot, and change the Hotspot state on start to Off.

    b) Kill can be used to stop ActionLists midway through running, or to prevent a delayed Cutscene from running at all.

    c) Parent your room objects so that all the objects in a room have the same parent.  Then use the Object: Visibility Action to hide/show that parent, being sure to check the Affect children? box.  Also give the parent objects the RememberVisibility script, to store the visibility state in save games.
  • Chris I was thinking about use the culling method instead this parenting one...which one u think is better?
  • I haven't used the culling method, but the parenting method will at least ensure things are correct when loading save games.
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