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UFPS 2.2 and AC

So the AC manual still points to legacy UFPS (1.75 or prior) as the recommended version to use with the integration script.
I do have UFPS 2.2 but never upgraded because I need full AC compatibility.
The code base of UFPS 1 vs 2.2 is clearly profoundly different.
My question: is it safe to upgrade to 2.2 if I need it to work with AC?


  • Actually I forgot about my 6+ months old query that was similar.
    I suppose nothing new arose in the meantime, though it's been several months.

  • The included integration, and Manual mention, is for UFPS v1, though the wiki script is for UFPS v2 / UCC.

    This script has been updated to work with the latest release, though it is still quite bare-bones. It's a profoundly different system, as you say, and I need the assistance of UFPS's creator to improve it - though I am still currently awaiting feeedback.

    I would recommend creating a new project to test and get comfortable with AC + UFPS v2 before trying to upgrade your existing project.

  • Thanks, so the bottom line is that Opsive is not very forthcoming in assisting at this time.
    He does list AC integration explicitly in the UFPS 2 blurb.
    And it goes without saying that the unique features of UFPS 2.2 would greatly enhance the AC experience even in a non-violent adventure game.
    So here's hoping that the co-operation between you will happen.

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