Adventure Creator  1.68.0
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.NodeCommand Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 NodeCommand ()
void SetParameter (ActionListSource source, GameObject gameObject)

Public Attributes

Cutscene cutscene
ActionListAsset actionListAsset
int parameterID
bool pausesCharacter = true

Detailed Description

A data container used by Paths to store the ActionListAsset or Cutscene that is run when a path node is reached.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NodeCommand()

AC.NodeCommand.NodeCommand ( )

The default Constructor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ actionListAsset

ActionListAsset AC.NodeCommand.actionListAsset

The ActionListAsset to run, if the Paths commandSource = ActionListSource.AssetFile

◆ cutscene

Cutscene AC.NodeCommand.cutscene

The Cutscene to run, if the Paths commandSource = ActionListSource.InScene

◆ parameterID

int AC.NodeCommand.parameterID

The ID of the ActionParameter in the ActionListAsset / Cutscene that represents the character moving along the path, if appropriate.

◆ pausesCharacter

bool AC.NodeCommand.pausesCharacter = true

If True, then the character moving along the path will stop moving while the cutscene is run