Adventure Creator  1.68.2
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2018
AC.LipSyncTexture Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.LipSyncTexture:

Public Member Functions

void LimitTextureArray ()
void SetFrame (int textureIndex)
 Sets the material's texture based on the currently-active phoneme. More...

Public Attributes

SkinnedMeshRenderer skinnedMeshRenderer
int materialIndex
string propertyName = "_MainTex"
List< Texture2D > textures = new List<Texture2D>()

Detailed Description

Animates a SkinnedMeshRenderer's textures based on lipsync animation

Member Function Documentation

◆ LimitTextureArray()

void AC.LipSyncTexture.LimitTextureArray ( )

Resizes the textures List to match the number of phonemes defined in the Phonemes Editor

◆ SetFrame()

void AC.LipSyncTexture.SetFrame ( int  textureIndex)

Sets the material's texture based on the currently-active phoneme.

textureIndexThe index number of the phoneme

Member Data Documentation

◆ materialIndex

int AC.LipSyncTexture.materialIndex

The index of the material to affect

◆ propertyName

string AC.LipSyncTexture.propertyName = "_MainTex"

The material's property name that will be replaced

◆ skinnedMeshRenderer

SkinnedMeshRenderer AC.LipSyncTexture.skinnedMeshRenderer

The SkinnedMeshRenderer to affect

◆ textures

List<Texture2D> AC.LipSyncTexture.textures = new List<Texture2D>()

A List of Texture2Ds that correspond to the phoneme defined in the Phonemes Editor