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  • Nice, i think it´s working but the problem is that didn´t found the text in the child. So i think that the problem now. 
  • error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type `AC.Menu[]' to `Menu[]'  error CS1061: Type `Menu' does not contain a definition for `canvas' and no extension method `canvas' of type `Menu' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference? That 2…
  • Ok well, the OnchangeLanguage event i got it.  Now i have the simple if language number is x then the code you posted. But i had a few problems like this line Menu[] allMenus = PlayerMenus.GetMenus ().ToArray (); and in the Text[] texts = menu.canva…
  • Works really good thanks! Another small thing it´s it´s there a possibility to not use the loading screen in some specific parts. I have the mini-games in other scene and I don´t wont to use the loading screen in that case. 
  • I got it! The problem was that this lines of code: override public void AssignValues(List<ActionParameter> parameters)        {            invID = AssignInvItemID(parameters, parameterID, invID);        } where assigned in the wrong place. I…
  • The line error is this Animator anim = uiButton.GetComponent<Animator>(); NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • :( was a false alarm, it works fine on the editor but when I made a build all crashes with the inventory.
  • Well, i found it and solve it!!!  It was a timing problem i just add anim.gameObject.SetActive(true); after   anim.runtimeAnimatorController = runtimeAnimatorController; and works fine!! Thanks again
  • Well, it´s not that the solution. It happens only apply to one object every time i pick up the same inventory object play the animation. it´s like the parameters are not working now. change some stuff to parameter the invId int but happens the same …
  • It´s not that problem here is the log All the buttons have the same animator controller The controller has a tri…
  • yes i think thats the problem, any idea to solve that? 
  • Yes, the problem I think its that its place on the prefab component of the inventory. (my inventory is the same template of ac)
  • Hi Chris Here is the code: The problem i think it´s in the animator. here is the debug.log console:
  • Well, Chris works fine in one scene, then when I change the scene doesn't work.   here is the code: public class ActionInvAnim : Action {         // Declare variables here               public GameObject objectToAffect;        public int constantID…
  • Thats was the problem. when a use Scene:Switch action work great! Thanks 
  • AC 1.62.0 Unity 2017.3.1f1 I have an empty object with the script. Nothing in the console. I try with Debug.Log(GlobalVariables.GetStringValue(33, true, 0)); in the update and again an empty string.  
  • Hi Chris i want to get the value of a global variable and i do this: using UnityEngine;using AC; public class PokerStartManager : MonoBehaviour{        public string ref;     void Start ()    {        ref=GlobalVariables.GetStringValue(33, true, 0…
  • Great, another thing, I have some text on this script and the UI this can manipulate with ac for the translation? 
  • Hey @Selzier can you help me with that function? I just don´t get something like that working. thanks
  • Sorry @ChrisIceBox can you explain better the idea, i have the same problem but i couldn´t find the way to works.

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