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  • I ended up using your recommendation and used Unity's GUI system rather than the menus. Thanks for the assistance. It's not the cleanest code ever, but here's the code in case others are interested.
  • I'm trying to do something similar to this, though just displaying an icon over each hotspot. I'm having difficulty getting it to work. Currently I am trying to find all active hotspots and create an instance of a simple "graphic" menu ove…
  • The easiest method may just have a "Double Click Action" on the hotspots with an available slot for an Actionlist. If it's empty, no action is taken and the double click is ignored.
  • That is a question I have been pondering as well. In our game we have some fairly wide sets and double-clicking to run comes in handy. I could see where having both would be useful.  In our situation, we're using a verb coin-type interface for most …
  • That would be very helpful. I was trying to add it in myself but was having a little difficulty finding the right place to add it. Thanks Chris
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