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I wanted to know how to set a start menu before starting the game itself, with all the various options (new game, continued, options, go out etc ...). Obviously personalized, ie starting from a background designed by me.
At that point, I would like to put these items in a context to the background, or for example if the background there is a folder with new parity written above, I would click them to start a new game.
I hope I explained.

Otherwise, if it is too difficult or complex to implement, how can I do the same thing (starting menu before playing) in a facility with elements taken directly from adventure creator?


  • What I've done is set up a scene dedicated to the start screen with a simple orthographic camera showing a background texture and a menu - but still an AC scene, so the load and configuration systems can be used.

    Is that what you're looking for?
  • A couple of tutorials on title-screen Menus can be found here.  Menus can be customised completely, but you have even more control if you use Unity UI as your Menu's source.  From that link, you can also find a tutorial on linking a Unity UI canvas to AC's Menu system, but I'd advise getting it set up using AC's Menu editor first, so that you've got the logic correct before moving on.

    AC also supports Unity UIs that are rendered in World Space, meaning you can place your button in 3D space at a specific point in your scene, e.g. above a folder, as you described.  Just change your Menu's Source to Unity Ui In Scene.
  • I'd like a practical example, a video or still in the subsection if possible. I do not speak English, so I find it hard to follow a comment if not attached to a video sample. The overall effect is to create an adventure game 2D.

    Thank you.
  • Have you been through the tutorials I linked to?
  • I saw you, and I thank you. Unfortunately I can not orient myself, so for me without a visual aid in what I'm doing is very difficult, or rather impossible :)
    I hope we can do some videos on the subject, both basic and advanced in creating a menu completely personal.
  • Oh well that sucks, maybe try spend more time around people who speak english.  I hear that is helpful, I try help people in my class, but maybe try follow the images or pick out key words to find videos?

    Also try doing the walk through of the Adventure creator tutorial from there you can figure out the basics and pick out what you need to do from there.  Once I get to the menu part of my project I will record it and show you.
  • The 3D and 2.5D game tutorials cover the creation of Menus as part of them.  They're not extensive, but do cover the basics of working with Menus, Unity UI, and linking Buttons to ActionList assets:

    Creating a Menu with Adventure Creator
    Creating a Menu with Unity UI
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