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Panning in editor windows is "inverted"?

Minor thing but I just noticed that the way panning works is not consistent with how Unity's own pannable windows work? (like the Mecanim window for example)

Worth changing in the future?


  • Also... has mousewheel zoom been removed in the latest update? (1.42)
  • The effect of a mousewheel has been set to pan, by default, but you change this in the Actions Manager.  I inverted the Editor to work better on a Macbook, but perhaps prematurely.  I'll either revert it or make it optional.
  • Ah cool, good to know there's a way to change what the mouswheel does.

    Re: inverted panning, I mostly work on a windows PC so not sure how inverting it makes it better on Mac, so I'll have to take your word for it :)
  • Reviving this old thread to post a little addendum: 

    Not sure how easy it is but It'd be great if zooming in and out worked more like things like ShaderForge where the position of the mouse cursor is taken into account when you zoom in and out so that it actually zooms into the thing you're hovering over when you scroll your mousewheel up. This way you can very easily jump around your action list canvas by zooming out loads, hovering over the thing you want to jump to and zooming in again
  • Also the current max zoom out distance feels a bit arbitrary? I have some pretty massive actionlists now (which is why I am even reviving this stuff), and for some of them it looks like I can't zoom out to the extent where I can see everything framed within the panel.
  • It has to be arbitrary, but evidently it's not large enough.  I can look into increasing the zoom factor.
  • Thanks Chris! May be worth exposing in settings too?
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