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When playing around with Music slider music stops playing completely?

Just wondering whether this is by design or if it's a bug or if I've done something wrong with my setup.

Basically when I play around with the music slider in the options the music will cut off completley. As soon as I go back to the previous menu page though it will start playing again (and by the sound of things the volume change will have worked too). It just doesn't happen *while* you're making the change which makes setting the music volume quite hard if you can't hear what you're doing


  • If you are using the default Options menu to display your Music volume slider, then the game will pause while it's displayed.

    By default, all sound will stop when the game pauses unless you tell it not to.  In your Music object's Inspector, just check Play while game paused?.
  • Yup I've got that option ticked, the music will carry on playing when I go into the pause/options menu (which is the default one, yes). It only stops when I click the slider.
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