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Hotspot disappears on iPad?


As I am nearing completion with the vertical slice demo for my game I decided to try running it on iPad.

After the initial optimisation hell to manage to get it running on device, I have to say I was extremely impressed by how easy it was to get it working and how smoothly all of AC's features transported to iPad*

I do seem to have an issue though which I can't seem to be able to track down which is two hotspots in the level seem to not be present at all in the deployed build. These are an object hotspot and a character "hotspot" (or just an NPC hotspot as I know NPCs don't have hotspots in the same way objects do)

Any ideas as to what might be happening? It's quite confusing as I can't seem to figure out what's different about this particular object (and character) as they do seem to be exactly the same as every other object and NPC in the game...

Any insight would be much appreciated!

* Actually one thing I kinda struggled with (and maybe I should open a new thread for this), is the whole "touch input" mode of AC is a bit fiddly. Actually... yeah I'll post a new thread as it probably warrants more involved discussion


  • Without further info, there's not much I can suggest.  Is there any difference at all with them from other hotspots?  e.g. are they made prefabs, given ConstantIDs?  Screenshots would help.
  • Mobile should not touch twice I think
    Use touchinput and uncheck the double touch hotspot
    and set hotspot label info to ""
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