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Center aligned scrolling text

When a speech menu is center-aligned and the speech/narration is configured to scroll, the first letter is displayed right in the center, and as the text grows, it expands both left and right. This is not ideal for two reasons: (1) it is hard to read the text as it scrolls like this, and (2) it doesn't make much sense for the letters created by a typewriter to "move" on the page.

Ideally, the menu should know the final length of the text beforehand so it can set up the correctly sized center-aligned menu, and then the text would be typed from left to right so the whole line would look centered when it was done.

The current setup creates other problems as well, such as when a left-aligned scrolling text takes two lines. Often it will start writing a word towards the end of the first line, then it will run out of space, and the half-written word is then transferred entirely to the second line. Ideally the menu would know it'd run out of space and pre-emptively introduce a line break. This issue can at least be corrected by manually adding line breaks to the text, though it is still a hassle if you decide to change the menu size halfway through development. It is also very problematic for localisation.

You can work around the second problem if you're patient, but I don't think the first one currently has a solution. Would it be feasible to address this issue, Chris?


  • This is co-incidentally a feature I've been working on as part of the v1.74.0 update. You'll need to make use of AC's TextMeshPro integration, but upon doing so you'll then have the option to rely on TMPro's "typewriter" effect, which masks characters when scrolling.

  • Thanks, sounds excellent - looking forward to it!

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