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Integrating with SoundManagerPro 3

edited December 2014 in Technical Q&A
So I installed SMP 3, whenever I press ESC (when testing the game), Unity crashes, when I doesn't use SMP 3, and press ESC, it doesn't crash.

So this means is SMP 3 is causing the bug on AC ... Can you somehow integrate with this plugin? I would be appreciate :)


  • This sounds like a problem with SMP 3, more than with AC.  It's likely because the Escape key pauses the game when used in AC - you can confirm this by locking off the "Pause" Menu in your Menu Manager, so that it won't turn on when you press Escape.

    Either way, I'd suggest you get in touch with the makers of SMP 3 about this instead.  If the pausing is to blame, letting them know this will help them fix it - it's likely that this is a general issue with the asset, and won't just affect AC users.
  • @ChrisIceBox I'll try contact the developer of SMP 3, hope they will fix it
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