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Edit 2D animations in animation window not possible?

Hi guys, i'm having this problem: after making several animations for a player (2D sprite unity) and bake the player as a prefab i can't see anymore all my animations in the animation window. This is very frustrating specially for adjusting frames, timing or images. I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong.

And i'd like to know if it's possible to add a 'turning animation' when a players walks from right to left or viceverza to have a nicer interpolation when he changes direction.

Thank you so much. i'm kinda newbie here!


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    With your first issue, if I understand it correctly, you have to drag your prefab into your scene and edit that instance, and when you are done you drag your instance back onto your prefab to save the changes.

    The second issue, if you select your player character, under the Player script there's an option under Movement settings you can check for "Turn before walking?", that will rotate your character more naturally, and you can use Turn speed above to tweak how fast the character turns.

  • Hello Eastman, thank you so much for your answer. For the 'turn' problem, i presume that i should hav an animation named 'Turn' than is  automatically reached by this option when activated?

    Thank you so much!
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    Ah that's what you meant, adding an actual animation of the character turning :) I don't think there's anything built in for that (but hopefully someone will correct me), the solution I posted is just using the first frame of the idle animation of each direction until the character is facing the right direction, and then starts with the walk animation.

    So your character walks to the right, you change his direction to the left, it goes through..

    Right > Down Right > Down > Down Left > Left

    ... instead of ...

    Right > Left
  • ahhh!! great!! now i understand! Thanks for your help man!!
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