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Inventory icon size

I need to change size of the inventory icons relative to the screen size/menu size.
For now, they keep the size of the original file.
I looked into the inventory menu, and the cursor panel, but I couldn't find anything. Am I looking in the right panels?


  • In what instance - in a Menu InventoryBox, or the cursor when an item is selected?

    In a Menu, look for the "Size" field in the InventoryBox element's properties list.  You'll also need to make sure the parent menu's Size field is not set to "Absolute pixels".
  • How silly of me. I don't know why but I thought "Size" field in the InventoryBox doesn't change icons size. It's perfect now. Once again, thank you.

    Another question, I read if I want to change the size of the cursor when an item is selected, it's in cursor panel. But
    the panel only indicates this about inventory: Syntax: Use (item) on (hotspot)
  • Ah.  This option will not display for all interaction types - it's a bug, and will be fixed in the next release.
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