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Make modern FPS adventure game

Hi, guys,
I wanted to ask you some questions to understand if Adventure Creator has the possibility to work, ABSOLUTELY without writing codes, to a kind of modern adventure that I'm going to illustrate with an example.

1) I'm on a bed lying down. On the screen the word "UP" appears. I press the indicated button and an animation starts where the protagonist starts getting up and sits on the bed. At this point I am in an idle animation, and in this case I can turn the room (which would be on the head of the character) freely, to observe a little bit the various elements of the scenario. I can examine some of them, for example. To go on, I have to click on the slippers on the floor. I click, the animation of the character wearing the slippers starts and he gets up. Then the normal gameplay starts, so I can walk around and do the classic things.

Here, summarizing the example, I wonder if Adventure Creator is able to work with this type of gameplay, or mix gameplay / animation and vice versa.

2) Another small example. I'm in standard gameplay mode (I move with WASD and pointer locked in the middle). I click on a hotspot (a narrow passage) and the animation starts where the character starts to enter it. At this point, I have to press W on the keyboard to run the animation. Halfway through the animation, a big boulder is about to fall on his head, and we have to press a key on the screen to avoid it (QTE). If you dodge it you proceed with the current animation, if you are wrong starts another animation where you lose your life.

Here, these are stupid examples, but I need them to figure out how far Adventure Creator can go without code. Basically, I just want to use this software and nothing else. Again, the game dynamic I'd like to get is standard gameplay/ animation/gameplay/animation and so on.
I hope I've made myself clear.

Thank you for your patience in reading this papyrus. :) :)


  • 1) You can use a Menu to display the word "UP", and an Active Input to respond to the player pressing an input button mapped to the up arrow key. Having the character sit up etc is just an animation, so you can do that through Timeline and play it back with the Engine: Control Timeline Action.

    I don't think you'd want the room itself to be parented to the character's head - but AC's first-person camera / movement system can be used to provide free-aiming. If you wish to only allow free-aiming, and not moving, you can use the Player: Constrain Action to disable up/down/left/right movement. Hotspots and interactions are handled separately, so they should still be possible.

    You'll have to be more specific than "do the classic things" for me to comment on the rest, but certainly the above should be manageable. A tutorial on AC's first-person mode can be found here. Details on things like Active Inputs and the Actions I mention can be found in the Manual.

    2) This is also in first-person? QTEs are also possible in AC - see this tutorial.

  • Thanks Chris for the answer.
    Yes, I meant to relate the First person camera to the head of the character, and have control of the free pointer in that specific condition. So Idle animation, free pointer to look around and click on any hotspots etc...
    I'll just show you a video example of The wolf among us (telltale games) of how I mean the gameplay/animation mix. All, however, seen from a first-person perspective, but I think it's the same thing in mechanics and development.

  • Certainly AC is intended to allow for the creation of games in the vein of Telltale's offerings, though please do be aware that something with that level of professional polish is inevitably going to involve some custom code somewhere to get things exactly the way you want.

    That said, AC's mechanics and workflow are generally consistent whether you're working in 2D, 3D, point and click or first-person, with many of its systems being the same for all. I would recommend going through some of the other tutorial videos - particularly the 3D one, which uses a "Walking Dead"-inspired interface - to see how AC works and what it's capable of.

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