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Info on audio volumes

Hi everyone,
AC 1.70.0 + Unity 2019.2.17f1 on a 2d game.

I need help to undestand how volumes work. Actually, in my Audio settings, "Volume controlled by" is set on Audio Sources. So, I think, it maintain the input volumes (ex. the music, sfx and speech volumes of the wav or mp3 files), and the sliders inside the game (Music, speech and sfx) set the volumes.
But are the slider linked to some particular Unity settings?
I saw default Options (Speech Music and SFX) don't change any sound (I set to zero but the audio works controlled by the option menu sliders).

If I want to change the volume, for example of the music, without changing the slider (so the final player can start from "clean" sliders set on the center of the slider) have I to change every music (or, sfx, etc) or are there global settings in Unity (or AC) that are linked to the sliders, so I can control these settings (without changing sliders) and then the final user can set the sliders starting from these settings?

I hope I explained myself.

Thank you very much.


  • The default Options values, at the bottom of the Settings Manager, are used when generating Profile data for the first time. Once created, they are no longer referred to.

    Aside from using the sliders in an Options menu, you can manually change volumes using the Save: Set Option Action.

    Or, you can clear the Profile data so that your volumes are reset to their default values. To do this, click "Manage save-game files" near the top of the Settings Manager and delete the profile.

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