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Player switching question

I have more scenes. For example in menu scene, I run Player: Switch action "under" a button, when I select my player, after if I start the game, not this player is my player, the original default player is the player. Where could be my mistake?


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    Are any of your Players present in the scene files? If you rely on player-switching, you should avoid this - all Player objects should be spawned in at runtime.

    I'll need steps to recreate the issue. Please share more details and screenshots showing your workflow - including the Settings Manager, Player: Switch Action, your Hierarchy at each point, and the Console's messages.

    What are your AC and Unity versions, also?

  • Thank you,the problem was that, I left my first player in the scene, after I deleted it, I saw the good player, so it was a perfect advice!:) Just I have a problem now with Opsive, I remember, I left my player in the scene, because if AC instantiate my player, I got continously red errors from Opsive UCC side, what I can't understand because I'm not coder. So when I leave my player in the scene and I start the game, Opsive works perfectly with AC. But when the scene without player, I get errors.

    I know, it's NOT AC problem, I don't know any tricks for it.:(

  • What is it you're trying to achieve, exactly?

    If Opsive needs the Player to be present in the scene-file itself, then don't rely on player-switching.

    If you're trying to just not have a Player present in your main menu scene, you can create an "empty" Player just by adding a Player component to an empty GameObject.

  • The strange thing is that, when I put 2 player in the scene ( 1st player is active, 2nd player is inactive), then Opsive works, after I deactivate first player and active 2nd player, Opsive collapses and give me errors. Strange

    Thank you for your advices:)

  • You'll have to contact the Opsive devs for advice with errors on that side.

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