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Line "jumps" when displaying subtitles

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Hi all!

My game will not have voice overs so I depend on subtitles. My problem is that I aligned them in the middle center, but when the letters fill the screen one by one, whenever a word does not fit the current line and has to go to the next one, that last word is cut, and the whole sentence is truncated and realigned, which strains the eye and complicates reading (especially with a center alignment, which moves the whole line when this happens). Does this make sense? I can make a short gif showing this.
Maybe this a bit specific, but has anyone encountered this situation and maybe a workaroud before? I would love for AC to calculate the paragraph layout beforehand just like any other UI text box, as opposed to now when it seems to be done on the spot as each letter is placed after the other.
If not, I would just opt to disable the animation altogether so it shows the whole paragraph at once like a regular narration text box. How can I do this?
Thanks in advance!!!


  • I'm aware of the behaviour, but it's a common problem that's not unique to AC.

    Especially given different font sizes / styles, etc, a reliable predictive line-breaking solution is not really too feasible, I'm afraid. Though it would be a bit of a effort, it would be possible to add line-breaks manually into the speech boxes through trial-and-error.

    To disable scrolling for narration, uncheck Scroll narration text? at the top of the Speech Manager.

  • Got it. Thanks!!!

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