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Character portrait Unity UI issues

Hello, wondering if anyone can help with an issue I am having with animated character portrait set up. I have got it to work using the default adventure game creator as the source, however, I managed to set one up by creating using unity UI. the issue I now have is that when I use my UI prefab the character portrait keeps animating on-screen even though the text scroll has stopped moving. example being the text is on screen but the portrait keeps animating, with the AC source when the text scroll is complete it stops the portrait animation as well. Have I missed something when setting up Unity UI I really need help with this.


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    Welcome to the community, @retroali.

    I've recreated the issue. You can resolve this by opening the Speech.cs script in /Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Speech, and replacing the code on (around) line 824:

    return portraitIcon.GetAnimatedSprite (true);


    return portraitIcon.GetAnimatedSprite (speaker.isTalking);
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