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Massive loading times on Android

Hi, on my android it takes probably about 30 seconds to switch scenes
I wondered where I would start to find out what causes this?


  • Unity's Profiler can be used to find bottlenecks.

    Generally this can be caused by having to load large numbers of asset files, e.g. animations or audio. A number of AC-related tips for reducing load times can be found in the Manual's "Performance and optimisation" chapter.

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    Hi Chris,
    Im trying to follow the OnGUI bit as I have a menu with a lot of elements that are visible at all times during gameplay, but I'm getting these errors and the menu disappearing from the game if I add the line:

    I also deep profile'd the game when I switch scenes and this comes up:

    Is there something there that looks wrong?

  • If you disable OnGUI, then any menu with a Source set to Advnture Creator will not be drawn - you have to use a purely Unity UI-based interface (and hardware cursor) to safely disable OnGUI.

    With respect to the deep profile, it looks like there's a slowdown issue with your OnStart cutscene. If you unset this from the Scene Manager, do load times improve? If so, what does OnStart do?

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