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No Speech text under Speech Audio

When my NPC talks, no display the speech text line under playing audio.

By the way I have that kind of dialogue solution:
-In speech line, end of it I put [continue] token, so the speech line will disappear when the player click on one elements of the dialogue list.

Is there a check box in the settings where can I set displaying speech text line under playing audio? Because now Only audio plays once (what is perfect) and after displays the dialogue's elements, The problem is that I would like to see NPC speech line text too.

AC version number: 1.67.5

Thank you in advance!


  • If "Subtitles" is set to Off in your options (see the bottom of the Settings Manager), then they'll be hidden if a speech line has audio.

    You can override this by checking Ignore 'Subtitles' option? in the Subtitle menu's properties.

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