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Feature Request - Actual Crossfade between Menus

Dear Chris and all the users.
I wonder if it's possible to have actual crossfade between Menus and not a FadeOut/FadeIn transition.

Let me explain better... Coming from film industry, usually with "Crossfade" we mean when two pictures are overlapping, fading one on top of each other (you can find tons in video: is when some image starts to fade on top of another, to create the passage of time and similar).
While with "FadeOut/FadeIn" we mean for example when some image fade to black first, and then the next one fade in from black afterwards. This is also very common in film: a scene is over, it fades to black, a new scene starts, it fades from black.

Now, with the standard Adventure Creator Menu, I've the option to "Crossfade" to another menu. But what it actually does is first fading out the current menu, then fading in the new menu.
I wonder: is it possible to actually crossfade between menus? If so, how can I achieve that (staying within AC menus)?
If not, can that be implemented as a feature for a new AC version? Calling the actual "Crossfade" as "FadeOut/FadeIn".


  • You can achieve this by using an ActionList and a pair of Menu: Change state Actions - one to fade the first menu out, another to fade the second menu in.

  • Yes, true that. But I was wondering an option without run an ActionList (i.e. something included in the AC "click type" menu options).
    Nevermind, I'll do that way!

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