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How do I wait in an action list without pausing the game.

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Apologies if I am daft, but I've checked the manuals and done searches on the forum, I cant figure out if there is an function in action lists to wait without pausing the game (eg cursor and menus disappear) 

An example of something I may want to do. 

Say I want to lock a UI, however I want it to wait for the Off animation to complete. 

Pause 0.1s
Lock Inventory 

Image example

However the problem is that it pauses the whole game, I just want it to wait 0.1 seconds before the action is triggered. 

If that is confusing, please say and I ll try to explain better. 

Also bonus question, can I call a custom c# script within an action list too? 


  • An ActionList will place the game in "cutscene" mode if its When running field is set to Block Gameplay.  To have it not interfere with the game state, set this to Run In Background instead.

    More details can be found in the "Background logic" chapter of the Manual.

    To call a C# function from within an ActionList, you can use either the Object: Send message or Object: Call event Actions.  Alternatively, you can incorporate a custom Action to do as you wish.
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