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Save Game and Custom label

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In my game I changed some behavior of the Save / Load AC menus.
Instead of making the Save / Load menu appear on the main screen I created a black background where the player can switch from one menu to another.
But this way I can not have a screenshot when I save because it would only be a black background.
I therefore thought to do this in the following way:
In the Save Menu I unchecked Save when click on and I created an ActionList that returns to the game screen before saving the game.
In the EventManager.OnMenuElementClick script I intercept the Save click in this way:

if (_menu.title == "Save") {
  // todo: (next line) will change according to the language set?
  if (_element.GetLabel (_slot, 0) != "Salva nuovo livello") {
    GlobalVariables.SetIntegerValue (3, _slot, true);
    string scene = LocalVariables.GetStringValue (12, 0);
    int useLang = Options.GetLanguage();
    string useCulture;
    switch (useLang) {
      case 0:
        useCulture = "it-IT";
      case 1: 
        useCulture = "en-US";
      case 2: 
        useCulture = "fr-FR";
        useCulture = "en-US";
    string timeSave = DateTime.Now.ToString (CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture(useCulture));
    string labelSave = scene + ": " + timeSave;
    GlobalVariables.SetStringValue (4, labelSave, true);

With this code I create a custom save string as:
(Italian) Appartamento di Jack: 20/11/2017 13.22.51
(english) Jack's Apartment: 11/20/2017 1:22:51 PM
which I save in a global variable and that I read at the time of saving the game.

But this code works only when I overwrite an already stored file because in the ActionList Save -> Save or Load -> Overwrite Existing Save I can use a custom label as String Variable.
However, I can not define the same custom label in Save New Game.
How could I do? Maybe by modifying the AC code?


  • I have noticed that saving a new file also happens without using Save -> Save or Load -> Save new Game.
    If I click on the New Save slot and in the ActionList I use Overwrite Existing Save the file is saved as if it was a new file.
    This way my custom label can be applied in both cases.
    But a question: could problems arise?

  • Setting a custom label when writing a new game is supposed to be possible - the option is not displaying because of a bug.

    I'll fix it in the upcoming release, but you can show it by:

    1) Change the Method to Overwrite Existing Save
    2) Set the Save to override to Set Slot Index
    3) Change the Method back to Save New Game
  • edited November 2017
    Yes, I've tried it and it works. Thanks.
    However, I'm undecided to use this feature.
    To use it I should check out from code if the player clicked on the Save new game. I thought I would use

    if (_element.GetLabel (_slot, 0) == "Salva nuovo livello")

    but I should also check the language set and change the comparison string.
    It would seem though that Overwrite works even if the slot clicked is Save new game.
    I thought I would leave it so but I was wondering if random problems could occur.

  • edited November 2017
    I don't imagine so.  If the file is saved correctly in the folder the Console displays, it'll be available when loading games.
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