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Global string variable in ActionList

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I think I've read something about it in the forum but I'm not sure. 
Can I not use a String Replacement Token (as [var:1]) in the Menu -> Change state -> Turn Off Menu -> Menu to turn off field (where [var:1] is the name of the menu?
I tried but it returns error.


  • You cannot, but I'll look into allowing it.
  • I re-open this post because the question is correlated.
    I have 10 and more hotspots on a phone keypad. Hotspots "Use Interactions" call an action list where actions are the same for all hotspots but change some parameters (such as key number).
    I tried using the Use Parameters option (set as Game Object) but I would need to send the name of the key that is a sprite to simulate the pressure of the button.
    In the actionlist the name is correct but it is treated as a string and not as the object itself and of course it does not work.
    Are there any other ways to use only one action list in this case or do I have to create an action list for each key?
  • When sent from a Hotspot - only the Hotspot itself can be passed automatically as a GameObject parameter.

    For full control over what parameters are set as, you would have to set an ActionList for each key.  Note that you do not need to set all parameter values at once with ActionList: Run - you can also set them individually with ActionList: Set parameter.

    The next release will include the ability to use variable tokens in Menu Action fields.
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