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Change scene and closeup

I have some things to understand about the closeups.
The environment is 2D, moving Unity 2D, 3D character.
In my first scene when a player clicks on a phone, a closeup represented by a phone should appear.
In the tutorials I found only the closeup 3D management.
I thought of creating a second scene with the same background as the first and with a big phone in the foreground.
Some Manager settings are different from the first scene so I created another set of managers.
Now the two scenes are completed and I have to go from one scene to the other and vice versa.
I have encountered difficulties in exchanging managers and reading in the forum would seem to be not a good idea. It would be preferable to change only the necessary managers options.
And so in this way do I have to proceed?
Another question: does 2D closeup management require a separate scene or are there different ways to follow?


  • What Manager fields are you looking to change, exactly?

    If changing fields is necessary at runtime, it's always best to amend those fields through script rather than change the Manager assets themselves.  The code to reference any Manager field can be copied to your text-buffer by right-clicking the field's label.

    But when it comes to 2D closeup management, you don't necessarily have to switch scene.  You can cut the camera to a duplicate of the scene with the phone / new Hotspots in place - and have these objects located to the side of what the player can normally see.

    Alternatively, you can simply use the Object: Teleport Action to bring up the phone graphic on-screen, removing the need to move the camera (parenting any associated Hotspots etc to it so that they all move together).  The Hotspot: Enable or disable Action can be used to temporarily disable any "regular" Hotspots in the meantime.

    Alternatively again, you could move the phone to a custom Menu, and have its game logic done through Buttons and ActionList assets - provided a single-click interface is sufficient.
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