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Pause menu and ActionList

edited November 2017 in Technical Q&A
I have a AC menu consisting of a single button with which I open the UI inventory and immediately I turn off the AC menu. Then I close the inventory with a left-click button and I turn on my menu again.
Now I was working on the InGame AC menu and I saw that when the Pause menu is open my AC menu closes automatically (to me this behavior is fine) but when I close the Pause menu my menu does not reappear. I have to create an "ActionList when turn off" where I reopen my menu.
However, the "ActionList when turn" on connected to the Pause menu would seem to deselect only the inventory, is it normal for the other menus to close?


  • The default InGame menu's Appear type is set to During Gameplay, which means it will turn off automatically when the game is paused.

    Since inventories can be configured to work while paused, the selected item is not de-selected when the game pauses - hence the need for the Pause menu's ActionList when turn on to do so for the default interface to behave as intended.  The ActionList can be amended to include the disabling of Menus manually if needed, however.
  • Thank you Chris, great option!

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