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Inventory unhandled events

edited November 2017 in Technical Q&A
I have an ActionList "Variable -> Check random" with which I give the character different dialogues.
If I call this ActionList from Inventory Manager -> Unhandled events -> Use on hotspot it works regularly but I do not find how to turn the character in the direction of the hotspot.
If for each hotspot I configure "Unhandled Inventory Interaction" with Player action = Turn to face and Interaction = new interaction where it is ActionList -> Run -> AssetFile -> and I call the ActionList Variable -> Check Random everything is ok.
But this should be repeated for each hotspot. Is that right or is there a faster way?


  • Check Pass Hotspot as GameObject parameter? underneath the Use on Hotspot unhandled event interaction.

    Then, in your unhandled event ActionList, create a GameObject parameter (make it the first one), and use that to override where your player faces in a Character: Face object Action.  The parameter will be set to the Hotspot when run.
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