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Actionlist debug overlay conflicts with FMOD's debug overlay

edited October 2017 in Technical Q&A
Working on a project using the FMOD audio middleware from Firelight Technologies with AC. There seems to be a conflict between the debug overlay systems used.

Enabling "Debug Overlay" in FMODStudioSettings while having "List active ActionLists in Game window" checked in AC produces lots and lots of "ArgumentException: Getting control 0's position in a group with only 0 controls when doing Repaint - Aborting" runtime error output in the console and no usable debug overlay from either system.

From a quick look at ActionListManager.cs line 321 it seems that they both try to use GUILayout.Window with an id of 0.

By no means a critical problem, but thought I'd mention it anyway.

Unity 2017.1.p4, AC 1.59e, FMOD 1.10 Unity integration package.

EDIT: Hope to have a set of custom actions for FMOD to share at the end of the project!


  • Would changing the ID to e.g. 10 resolve it?
  • Partly - it gets rid of the console errors, but then the two debug overlays get drawn on top of each other.

    Again, not the biggest problem in the world, and definitely something I can live with if there's no immediate, easy solution.
  • No worries - I'll make the window draggable in the next release.
  • Fantastic - fixed for the time being here by using a different window id and moving the window down a bit.
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