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Different character location depending on build

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Hey all - 

Has anyone noticed that there are times when characters/objects are located in slightly different locations on scene load when played on Mac vs. PC?  I've noticed this in a few instances (usually when I'm forcing a character in an animation/location like having them sit in a location or lie down) and am a little confuzzled.  I see it quite a bit in my project and sometimes it can be somewhat off-putting.  Characters can have their heads in the walls, floating above chairs (which do not have colliders on them), etc...anyone else noticing this?  Any workarounds?


  • Never encountered such behaviour myself.  There's nothing in AC's code that differentiates between Mac and PC, so it's more likely that any difference is down to Unity itself.  Which version are you using?
  • Unity 5.6.1 and AC 1.57.  It's probably how I have animations setup or something.  I'll keep puttering around but just thought I'd ask if anyone else has seen those issues with sitting/lying down animations.
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