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Support for "acParkour" a UFPS addon

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This is a UFPS addon that basically allows for parkour movement in-game.

It seems when i use this with addon for UFPS, i can no longer disable the player. Im sure the workaround is easy enough for you as you are great at problem solving with UFPS and you know your kit front to back.

Im sure many others would like to see AC and this acParkour for UFPS all work together, if you can this can lead to some vrey great possibilities for developers using AC.

-Thank you


  • It's likely better to begin with going to the acParkour developer - the first step is to know how they recommend disabling/enabling movement, and they'll obviously have a better idea than my own experimenting.  When you know the official way, it'll hopefully be a simple matter of a custom action.
  • Whats the issue with this I have acparkour now working with AC :)))) Biggest hurdle is probably that you need to make sure all your player is set up and turned on then hit "apply" on the prefab, THEN turn ytour prefab off and let AC instance it when you run the game, hope it helps.
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