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Sorting Map, Dialogue, Animation: some little issues

Hi to all,
congratulations for AC, very usefull plugin.
In these weeks I used it to make a personal 2d project (Version 1.50g and Unity5.3.1f1 Personal, Context Sensitive), but I met some problems. I tried to solve them with the help of the forum, but I still have some difficulties.

1. I created the player and applied the "Follow Sorting Map" Component (with "Follow default Sorting Map" on). I have 3 rooms and I made 3 sorting maps (each for every room). For each scene (in Game Editor) I applied the different Default Sorting Map . The problem is that it seem to use the same sorting map for all the 3 rooms: when I add area and modify position and scale in a particular room, these changes have effects also in the other rooms so I can't differentiate the sorting maps.

2. I made some dialogues and look interactions (on different objects). This time the problem is that the text don't disappear. For example I look at a clock and player tells "Oh, my old clock", but the text remain in scene, and also if I change room, the text remains. With dialogues is all ok, but the last dialogue line remains visible forever.

3. On the first scene I made some object's animation: for example a closet door; I set a variables (boolean) and when I use these door, check the variable: if it's true I play a "ClosedClosetDoor" animation, if it's false I play "OpenedClosetDoor" animation, so I can open/close the closet. My issue is when I go out from the room and re-enter: if I leave the door opened, when I re-enter in the room I find it closed (original state) and I' can't tell AC to store this status.

4. Highlight object: I'd like that, when I pass with the mouse on a active hotspot, this becames bright. I try to add a Hilight Component to this 2d geometry and then, on the relative hotspot, drag this object to the slot "Object to highlight", but nothing happens.

5. I made a cutscene on start (an intro for the game): this intro has a video and a audio. I can start it without problem (video and audio). Then I add a music as background, with constant ID component e "Play across scenes" on, but in this case the new music background starts with the initial cutscenes and I hear the two audios. Is there a way to start the cutscene, and, when it finishes, start the musci background? For the starting cutscene, I set a Global Variable (boolean) so when the player goes out of the scene and re-enter the cutscene doesn't start again, and the with the action Engine/play movie clip I play the cutscene,  but I can't see an option to wait the end of the cutscene.

Thanks and sorry if my post is too long.


  • 1. That doesn't sound right. Does this affect the other Sorting Maps in edit mode, or only in runtime?  Do you only have one scene loaded at a time when editing, or multiple?

    2. Are you using Unity UI for your Subtitles Menu, and do you have Duplicate for multiple lines? checked in the Menu's properties?  Do all speech lines exhibit this problem, or only ones from e.g. a particular character?

    3. Make a new Cutscene called e.g. CorrectAnimation and use it to shut/open the door in one frame according to the variable's value.  Then link this Cutscene from both your scene's OnStart and OnLoad cutscenes, so that it's run whenever the scene begins.  Alternatively, you could write a custom Remember script that records e.g. a Mecanim parameter for you, but that's a complicated route.

    4. The Highlight script will affect the material's "Color" property, which is not available for the Default Sprite shader.  You may have luck with the Sprite Diffuse shader instead - otherwise you'll have to disable Brighten materials? and write a custom script that manipulates the material in a way that suits your shader - the Highlight script's GetHighlightIntensity function can be read to get the intended brightess.

    5. If you are playing the movie full-screen, then it should wait until it's finished playing.  What are the options you've set on the Engine: Play movie clip Action?
  • Hi Chris, 
    thanks very much for the support.

    1. I have my 3 different rooms (scenes) inside the same project and folder (but are separate scenes). When I create the first Sorting Map no problem, I can edit it without problem. Then I drag it on relative slot in scene tab (in game editor). Then I save my scene and double click on second scene. When I create this second Sorting Map, it takes the same values of the previous and when I change the parameters on the second one (or first one) (for example End Scale), the same value reported also in the other Sorting Map (it seems like if I have only one Sorting Map with two different names in two different scenes). And the problem is the same in edit and in runtime.

    2. Actually I'm using AC UI. I try to create a second NPC and when I make a conversation, the last phrase (also the last one of the NPC) remain on screen. The phrase remain also when I change scene. Here the subtitles menu screenshot: 

    3. Ok, I try and check. One question: on the first scene, on On Start slot, I drag the animated intro (so it starts before to play the game in the first scene). If I link this new cutscene I leave the animated intro. Can I drag two or more cutscenes in the same slot (for example in thise scene I have 3 objects that open and close so I have to make 3 cutscene and link in the load and on start slot). Actually I made 3 animations (not cutscenes) and with variables I can animate them, so the On start slot remain for the animated intro. Maybe the custom remember script can resolve this problem. 

    4. Ok, thanks, I'll try.

    5. This are the parameters for the intro (dragged on on start slot of the first room/scene): 
    Then I create a component called music with the audioclip, the sound script (with play across scenes on) and Costant id script. This works fine through the scenes but I can't tell him when starting (in this case after the intro)

    Thanks very much
  • edited January 2016
    1) do you have a constant Id script on it or something, there must be a reason why its persisting in another scene 

    2) sounds like you need to go to a conversation, and click the conversation editor button, make sure the conversation stops at the end of a conversation.

    5) I have done videos different, I have a seperate scene that basically plays the video, and then goes to the other scene. 
  • Hi klarax and thank you

    1. I checked the sorting maps, and also the player, but there are not constant id scripts link to them. Here the inspector:
    I confirm that when I change the parameters, these changes affects also the other sorting maps in the project (even if I created a sorting map for each scene).

    2. Ok, but the problem is that even when I look a hotspot, the player tells the phrase linked to the "Line text", but after the line text remains on video and doesn't disappear not even if I change room.

    5. Ok, so do you suggest to create an empty scene for the Intro (without background, etc), and then the standard scenes? and the music start when I change from the empty scene to the first. Ok I'll try.

    Thank you very much

  • 1. But when you open the other scene, do you then have multiple scenes open at once, or does the previous scene close?  I'm trying to work out if this is because of Unity 5.3's new multi-scene-editing features.  Beyond that, make sure that you're not affecting the SortingMap prefab itself - which'll happen if you click the Apply button at the top of the Inspector.

    2. Your Subtitle Menu's Appear type setting is set to Manual - it should be on When Speech Plays.  Did you change it to this by accident, or was it like this always - and if so, which version of Unity are you using?

    3. If you use the After running property of an Action to run a new Cutscene, then the original ActionList you call it from will end.  However, you can also run multiple ActionLists at once (or better for your case: temporarily wait while another one runs) by using the ActionList: Run Action.  You can also have multiple chains of Actions run at once by using the ActionList: Run in parallel Action.
  • 5) I have an AC scene, but moved the player start out of the way, also put a navmesh around it incase things break ;P

    I alway make sure those 2 are set
  • Hi Chris and klarax,
    thank you very much for the suggestions.

    1. My fault was I click "Apply". I tried to delete all the sorting maps and recreate them without using "apply" and it works, but it gave a little issue: when I create the sorting maps AC creates them remembering the deleted: the new sorting maps have the previous parameters (ex. position and and scale for each area) and when I try to change them the sorting maps don't change. I resolve the problem adding a new area: in this way if I change the parameters AC maintains them. So problem solved.

    2. Thank you Chris. My fault was to change it on Manual. Set it on When Speech Plays I solved the problem, but the velocity of the scroll is to fast. I found a discussion on to solve it and in these days I try:

    3. I must try with the cutscenes or custom remember script.

    4. I'll try.

    5. Fantastic klarax: it works without problems.

    thank you very much

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