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Checking parameters within actionlist

Hi Chris,

I have some parameters set in actionlist, I would like to check the parameter, but it seems that the action "check" can only check global/local/component but not the parameter in actionlist.
For example, I want to check the Boolean parameter in actionlist to know it is true or false.
Now, I first set the global Boolean equal to the parameter Boolean, therefore I can check the global Boolean by "check" action. But I have to create an additional global variable.
Is it a correct way to do this, any advise, thanks a lot.


  • You should set the type of parameter to 'Local Variable' or 'Global Variable', then you can set it as parameter in the actionlist or cutscene and then check it:

  • The parameter itself is of type "Bool"?

    Use the ActionList: Check parameter Action.

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