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Blank spaces in quotations or tokens DIALOGUE PLAY SPEECH

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Hi Chris,

Im using Unity 2019.3.6f1,

For some odd reason when I reopen Unity my Trigger has a dialogue play speech and it changes from this ->

Current Control Setup

'[token:2]' To Move Forward
'[token:3]' To Move Backwards

To ->

Current Control Setup

'*****[token:2]' To Move Forward
'*****[token:3]' To Move Backwards

All of them throughout my scene,

Unsure why it adds those blank spaces in there, is it my setup, what can I do differently to resolve this?

I do save the scene once I remove the blank spaces yet it somehow still ends up with them (also in build)

NOTE: I added STARS instead of blank spaces here, as for some reason your forum removed them once posted...


  • What's your AC version? Are you using any custom script or override for the ActionSpeech class?

    I'm not clear on what's happening, exactly. Are the spaces being inserted into the actual text box in the Action itself, or are the spaces only showing up in-game (i.e. in the subtitle menu)?

    A few more questions to help uncover the cause:

    • You mention a Trigger, but also "throughout the scene". What objects/Actions exactly are affected, and is it limited to this one scene?
    • Does this occur every time you restart Unity / re-open the scene?
    • If you create a new Speech Action inside the Trigger, with no tokens, does this occur again?
    • If you create another new Speech Action inside the Trigger, this time with tokens, does this occur again?
    • If you copy/paste the original Actions into a new Cutscene, does this occur again?
  • Sorry, here are mode details.

    Latest AC Version: 1.70.4
    No scripts to override ActionSpeech

    The spaces are actually being inserted into the actual text box in the action itself, showing up both in game and in inspector

    1. The only triggers / actions affected are the ones that have '***[token:x]', as far as I notice thats it
    2. When I restart Unity, tested also with re-opening scene same issue
    3. No, it actually only occurs on text with quotations such as -> '[token:x]' becomes into '****[token:x]'
    4. If it has the quotations yes otherwise no blank spaces that i can notice
    5. Yes due to quotations?
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    To clarify on 4, you mean this works:

    [token:2] To Move Forward

    but this doesn't?

    '[token:2]' To Move Forward

    Thanks for the info, but I'm afraid I can't recreate this behaviour.

    Could you PM me a unitypackage file of a scene with this, together with your game's Managers? Best to see this for myself.

  • Correct.

    I just tested it with a new scene, basic setup, new trigger action with dialogue and blanks get added when re-opening the scene. I've exported it with the RPR In Space VR -> Managers for AC, there may be errors if you run the scene but its not needed to run it to see this issue just re-open the scene.

    The trigger is in _Logic -> _Triggers

    If you want I can screen share via discord to demonstrate this as well.


  • Thanks - I'll take a look and see what I find.

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    I see the Trigger with the issue, but I can't get the spaces to re-appear after deleting them and restarting.

    You're certain you've no other custom scripts that may be interfering?

    To confirm if this is an issue with your project or not, create a fresh project, install AC and then import the same package. Assign the Managers, then do as I did. Do the spaces reappear then?

  • Hello,

    No custom scripts, testing with a brand new project, adding my RPR manager game asset files in game editor, new scene setup with folders, creating a trigger,

    this is a test

    ' [token:1]'

    saving the scene, opening the scene, it has blank spaces in the quotations

    So yes even in a blank project with fresh import of AC it reappeared

    Not sure what else i can do to track this down. But to take it a step further i created a new game wizard "test" with new managers etc in the empty project with a fresh AC, and the blanks still appeared before the token in the quotations.

    I can show you this via discord screen share or other ways if you'd like

  • No need - I've managed to recreate it now. Not sure why I couldn't before, but I should now be able to see what's going on. I'll let you know.

  • Thank you

  • This is certainly a Unity issue - it happens with text fields that aren't connected to AC at all.

    I've submitted a bug report to Unity.

  • Oh, thanks Chris

  • It's a repro of this issue, apparently.

  • Thank you , I voted on it too =)

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