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Find all Hotspots by Tag (or name eventually)

edited April 2020 in Technical Q&A

Hi Chris,
I am trying to create a kind of grouping for Hotspots, so that I can enable/disable Hotspots in a scene accordingly.

My first thought was using Unity Tags and get all GameObjects with the same tag by using FindGameObjectsWithTag
But then I am stuck on converting GameObject to Hotspot so that I can trigger the TurnOn() command.

foreach (GameObject myObj in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(myTag)){hotspot = myObj;}

but got the following error: "Cannot implicitly convert type 'UnityEngine.GameObject' to 'AC.Hotspot' ".

Maybe I am missing something, but is this even possible?

Second try was to put in the Hotspot name a kind of prefix and use the name as a reference, but I couldn't find any function that finds all Hotspots by Name in the Scripting Guide.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot.


  • Try something like:

            foreach (GameObject myObj in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(myTag)) 
                Hotspot hotspot = myObj.GetComponent<Hotspot>();
                if (hotspot) { hotspot.TurnOn(); }

    that should do the trick

  • Thanks a lot @HarryOminous, works like a charm!

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