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TPC issue


I use AC Advanced Third Person Camera. After I switch player, the system changes player, the AC Advanced TPC updates itself, so the Target: the new player (on TPC component) and on the Main Camera there is TPC camera in Attached Camera field. The problem is that, my camera is stuck and stays in one place. It doesn't follows the player after this changing, but I see on the components, what I wrote in my first sentence. I use the latest AC version, Unity 2019, but I experienced it in 2018, too.

What could be the problem? I would like to change Player, but I can't because of it.

Please help me! Thank you very much in advance!


  • edited April 6

    I've updated the package - try downloading and importing again.

  • Thank you, now it works!:)

    One problem what I've experienced(Because I always test the save and load functions too, when I'm testing), when I change my player and save the game. After Load it, my previous player loads into the scene into that transform where I saved the file before with my other(second) player. So not my new "switched" character appears in the scene after loading my saved file.

  • v1.71 will see an overhaul of the player-switching system. It should resolve such issues.

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