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Dialogue Problems

Hi Chris,

I encounter some problems about dialogue, would you please suggest some advise, thanks.
1. I have only my Player need to have speech voice. The Speech voice from the Player can be played. However, I keep receiving warning messages when talking with other NPC. I tick "auto play speech audio files", but I only want my Player speak with speech audio, and don't want to receive warning messages. Any suggestion to solve?

  1. When the player speech audio is played, the player subtitle disappear. When the NPC talk (No Speech Audio), the NPC subtitle appear again. Is any speech setting I got wrong? Please help, thanks.


    1. Are you using Resources folders to get speech audio? In the latest release, this warning is coming from line 146 in RuntimeLanguages.cs. You could comment this out to prevent the warning.

    2. If audio is present, subtitle display is - by default - determined by the "Subtitles" option, which is set in the Options menu or via the Save: Set Option Action. You can force a Subtitle menu to show regardless of this value, however, by checking Ignore 'Subtitles' option? in the Menu's properties.

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