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RememberParticleSystem doesn't play from saved time

edited April 3 in Engine development

Just wanted to point out that RememberParticleSystem, when LoadData is called, does not correctly play the PS at the given time.
From Unity documentations for ParticleSystem.Play:

If the Particle System has stopped, then the system starts from time 0, and, if it is relevant, the startDelay is applied.

Adding particleSystem.Simulate(data.currentTime) before particleSystem.Play() (line 58) does the trick.

Stay safe!


  • Thanks for the tip, I'll look into this!

  • Hey, @ChrisIceBox, another tiny "bug":

    Audio file '/Resources/Speech/Elroy/Elroy7401' was found.

    should probably be:
    Audio file '/Resources/Speech/Elroy/Elroy7401' was not found.

    -> AC debug logger
    UnityEngine.Debug:Log(Object, Object)
    AC.ACDebug:Log(Object, Object) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Static/ACDebug.cs:16)
    AC.SpeechLine:ShowLocateButton(Int32, Boolean) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Speech/SpeechLine.cs:908)
    AC.SpeechLine:ShowGUI() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Speech/SpeechLine.cs:409)
    AC.SpeechManager:ListLines() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Managers/SpeechManager.cs:701)
    AC.SpeechManager:ShowGUI() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Managers/SpeechManager.cs:498)
    AC.AdventureCreator:OnGUI() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Editor/Managers/AdventureCreator.cs:278)
    UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

    Posted it here since I didn't want to spam the forum :smile:

  • Oops, quite right!

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