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Exit: A Biodelic Adventure

First of all I'd like to thank the Academy Chris for Adventure Creator! It's really awesome!

And I want to tell you about the game I'm developing - 'Exit: A Biodelic Adventure'. It's a surreal biopunk point'n'click, set in the world of living technologies, a world in which computers can be fed and cured, where DNA-passwords open gene-locks, and insect hormones revitalize memory. A world with biofactories that give birth to household utensils, where genetically-modified molds can generate virtual realities, and — worst of all — where an epidemic is ravaging the human race, infecting people's neuronet implants and enslaving them to the mysterious Worm.

I've been a big fan of sci-fi since childhood. The books of Ray Bradbury, Robert Sheckley, Strugatsky brothers were my favourite. Then I discovered Stanislav Lem, cyberpunk, and the movies of David Cronenberg, and now I like biopunk very much! It's a science-fiction subgenre about biotechnologies in the future. I've tried to find some biopunk games to play, but I've found very little - there were only the classics, like Dark Seed and Vangers. So several years ago I decided to make my own biopunk game - a classic point'n'click adventure.

It's been a long journey; through a succesful Greenlight campaign, changing game engine from a homemade one to Unity, (with the Adventure Creator add-on!), and a complete redrawing of all the graphics and characters from scratch (credit to Alexandr Iwaac for backgrounds and models, and Andrey Kovalev for concepts and illustrations, and Anton Kapralov for Steam pictures). But now the game has its own Steam page!

You can check it out here


  • Some new biopunk gifs!

    The larvae yin-yang represents the duality of youth, describing how they are always hungry.

    A tiny mutant from our biodelic lab gives you this slighty mutated flower.

  • 'Exit: A Biodelic Adventure' is taking part in the 2020 indie of the year award voting at, it would be really great, if you voted for it at the game page! Also there is a free demo version for Windows and Linux at Steam.

    Some new gifs and screenshots:

  • Thanks a lot to all who voted for us! 'Exit: A Biodelic Adventure' made it to the Top-100 of IndieDB! We'd be really grateful if you voted for us in the finals!

  • edited February 19

    'Exit: A Biodelic Adventure' will be released on the 1st of March! Many thanks to Chris and his amazing 'Adventure Creator'!

    You could try the demo-version at the Steam page!

  • This game looks awesome! Congrats for the release

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