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Possibly a bug: Can't combine inventory items in mobile builds with choose hotspot then interaction.


I am using AC 1.70.4, unity 2019.1.9f1
My settings

-choose hotspot then interaction (with a 9 verb grid)
-multiple inventory interactions (so all verbs can be used on inventory items. So "use coffee" first selects the coffee, and then I can combine it with the sugar)
-input method: touch screen

My game works fine in the unity editor but not on mobile. Items just won't combine. I have an item selected, then when I click on another, it just opens the verb box as if no item was selected. Using items on hotspots works fine. This is only an issue with combining items.

Thank you in advance!!


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    Are you using Unity UI? If so, try relying on the OptionalMouseInputModule.

    Create a new EventSystem and attach the above as a component. Then make this a prefab and assign it at the top of the Menu Manager.

    Does that cause it to work correctly?

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    Thank you, Chris. It did work. Though it seems it "undid" a solution for another issue I had which you assisted me with (It was when I tapped on a hotspot and coincidentally a verb showed up at that same spot, it would read as if I was hovering over that verb even when I didn't plan to... you helped me to put together a script to reset touch position on interaction). I realize this very specific, but maybe you have an idea about what could be interfering with that script? Should I take this to that other thread?

    (thanks in advance!)

  • You'll have to remind me which of those threads we discussed that.

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