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speech gathering from Action list with parameters.

Hi everyone.
I have a problem with text gathering and automatic speech audio playing.
I have made an action list by which the player goes to a certain point. do the take middle animation and talks. I use parameters then to shorten my work and reuse it in any situation.
unfortunately, when I hit gather text to create my script sheet and record voices, only one sample of this action list gathers.
please help me how can I overcome this problem>


  • Speech text set by parameter values cannot be used for audio - it needs to be embedded in the Dialogue: Play speech Action directly.

    To recycle speech Actions, there's a couple of things you can do:

    1. Place each speech Action that you'd like to be able to say at different times in its own ActionList asset, and then run that ActionList within another using the ActionList: Run Action. This Action's ActionList asset field accepts Unity Object parameters, so you can still set this dynamically if necessary.
    2. Place all such speech Actions in a single scene-based ActionList (e.g. Cutscene) and save it in one of your scenes so that it gets included in the Speech Manager's gather process. Then, use the wiki's Dialogue: Play speech ID Action inside your regular ActionLists to play this speech by referencing its gathered ID.
  • tnx, Chris. the latter solution sound more reasonable for me! or better say more understandable :smile: but my Dialogue action window doesn't have play speech id. which version of AC are you referring to?

  • It's not in the official release - it's on the wiki. See the link above, as well as the Manual's "Custom Actions" chapter for details on how to install it.

  • Tnx Chris, I manage to implement the first method and it is the most suitable for me.

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