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First person 3D - Forcing the camera to look in a certain direction / at a certain game object

edited February 26 in Technical Q&A

Hello adventur'arians,

Unity Ver: 2019.2.4f1
AC Ver: 1.70.4

My game is in first person 3D. After doing a teleport on the player I want to force the camera to look at a particular thing (and lock out any control for the player to move the camera).

Is there any funcitonality in AC to force the player's camera to look in a certain direction / at a target gameobject?



  • You can use the Character: Face object Action to turn a First-Person player's head to face a given object, but unless you also use the Player: Constrain Action to disable free-aiming, then control will be given back once the ActionList ends.

    Alternatively, you could rely on a separate GameCamera that you switch to - but you'd need a custom script to have it face the object you want the player to look at.

  • Hey @ChrisIceBox. The Character:Face object seemed to be a bit hit and miss (perhaps due to if the player spams the mouse movement just before it kicks in - it didn't seem to consistently focus on the object passed into it).

    The seperate GameCamera seems good though!

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