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Difference between "MainCamera" and "Default Camera"?

In 3D Tutorial you do this...
A MainCamera is created when you do "Organize Scene->with/without folders"
But then you create a new camera, with Scene->Scene Settings->Default Camera"'

Why are there two cameras created?

I'm confused, you have the MainCamera, do you need to create the second camera? (Default camera)
Do we always have these two cameras?


  • Welcome to the community, @MartinOrtiz.

    The MainCamera is the one that handles the actual rendering of your game. Your scene's "Default" camera is a GameCamera. A GameCamera is used as a reference for the MainCamera to copy - similar to the way Cinemachine uses its Virtual Cameras for reference.

    You can have many GameCameras in your scene and switch between them using the Camera: Switch Action - the "Default" one just determines which one you use when the scene begins.

    When a GameCamera is switched to / used, the MainCamera will copy its position, rotation, FOV etc. A MainCamera is required to run the scene, and the best practice is that it should always be using a GameCamera in this way. Technically, you can remove all GameCameras (including the default) if you don't need the camera to move at all - but that's rarely the case.

    See the Manual's "Cameras overview" chapter for more on this topic.

  • I have many scenes which don't require the camera to move (2D Sierra style game) and I always get the AC error that there is no default camera attached. If a non moving scene works fine with just the main camera, is there a need for this error message?

  • edited February 27

    Well, you typically ought have the MainCamera attach itself to a GameCamera, but AC will still function without it, technically. I'd prefer to have a message there to warn newcomers who need to know about it, and have more experienced users know when it can be ignored, than to not warn about it at all.

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