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Unity UI Inventory renders transparent - is this a default behaviour for AC?

Hi all - basic AC/Unity UI question:

My inventory menu, set up following the tutorial on the site, but styled with an art asset for the panel always renders transparent in my scene, despite setting the Canvas Group Alpha to 1 - I'd like it to appear completely opaque. Am I running into some kind of default AC UI behaviour defined somewhere else in the software?

Thanks for any help that springs to mind!


  • Solved - sorry for the false alarm!

  • Welcome to the community, @MartynEm.

    This sounds more like a Unity issue - unlike the "Adventure Creator" menu source option, "Unity UI" hands all rendering duties over to your Canvas prefab - so AC shouldn't be doing anything to affect transparency.

    You can test this by disconnecting the Canvas prefab from AC's Menu Manager and leaving it in the scene - is it still showing transparently? If so, it may be down to your art asset's import settings.

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