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Super Rookie!... which Unity version?

Hi All,
I'm just starting this amazing journet with AC.

I installed the latest AC version (1.70.4) and Unity 2019.3.2f1 but I'm having issue following a simple tutorial ()... when I play to see the game camera, I get "Disconnecting is no longer implemented" and so I can't test stuff...

So I'm wondering if there's a suggested Unity version or something I can check... In the meantime, I retry from scratch...

Thanks in advance



  • Welcome to the community, @FastPaolo.

    AC supports Unity versions 2017.4 through to 2019.3 - though I'd recommend the latter to be more future-proof.

    What's the timestamp of the point in the video you're having a problem at?

    "Disconnecting is no longer implemented" is a Unity message, it's not coming from AC, but if you can describe what it is exactly you're doing to make this error show we might be able to suggest a workaround.

  • Well,
    I've installed Unity 2018.4.17f1 LTS and all is working perfectly... previously I wasn't able to put the game in PLAY... but now it works, redoing the same stuff. I'll let you know in case of other issues. Thanks for your quick answer!

  • Glad to hear - but you ought to be OK with 2019.3. If there's an issue/conflict due to a change in Unity, I should like to address it. By all means, please let me know details if something like this occurs for you.

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