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Effects of adding global variables to game build after initial release

edited February 25 in Technical Q&A

Hello Chris,

I believe that the following scenario is covered by default, but just to make sure:

Let's assume …

  • a game with 10 scenes and 50 global variables gets published.
  • a customer plays the game halfway through, and most values of those 50 global variables have been altered on the way.
  • developer adds 5 additional scenes plus another 20 global variables to the game and publishes the new "enhanced" version.
  • customer has his game updated and continues playing.
  1. Will the 20 new global variables become part of the updated game? (I guess so.)
  2. If so, will these new variables start at their default values when the customer continues to play after the game update?
  3. Will the previously existing 50 global variables be affected in any way, especially their values that had been saved by the customer before the game update? Or is there actually any danger that by raising the number of global variables in an update, the previously stored values of the originally existant variables can get corrupted or reset?

Best, Jens


    1. Yes
    2. Yes. When a save game file is loaded, only variables for which data is found are updated. Variables that did not have their data stored in the save file will be unaffected.
    3. Provided that the old variables remain as they were (i.e. same type and ID), and that the new variables do not replace any of the old ones, then old variables should be unaffected. I would still recommend thorough testing, but in principle you should be OK.
  • Very good – thanks, Chris!

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