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Horizontal/Diagonal Sorting Map

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I was wondering if it is possible to rotate a sorting map to change the size of the character diagonal in the scene.
if not, is it possible to combine 2 sorting maps like one horizontal and one vertical?

i added a picture here for better understanding:

EDIT: problem solved. simply rotating the sorting map does the job, allthough i can´t find out exactly how the system calculates now the size regarding the new rotation. is it more a try and error or is there some insight about the system works in diagonal mode?
like how the sorting areas now affect the character:
like here in the picture?


  • edited February 25

    can´t delete the initial post, i am sorry

  • Though the Sorting Map is typically only used "top to bottom" and in 2D scenes, it is possible to use in 3D and at different angles.

    When rotated, the different "areas" are also rotated - just like the outward red lines in your screenshot that go.

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