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resetting component variables in a scene


I wanted to ask is there an action list that lets you reset all component variables in a level/scene in unity to the setting you initially set them in the editor. I noticed an issue that when I exit to the main menu and return to a level any changes to variables are still set (e.g. boolean is still set to true when returning to level when it should be false at the start.)

One way I could fix this is to manually set all the variables in the during the opening cutscene to what I want but that is a bit of a time-consuming process I was wondering if there could be a quicker way.


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    Typically this is the behaviour you'd want - changes made to a Variables component should be persistent for the game, just as with any other e.g. Local variable.

    You can prevent this from happening, however, by removing its Remember Variables component - which is what's actually recording the values.

    To reset all changes saved (including the player's inventory, etc), you can use the Engine: End game Action to restart the game and go back to the Menu screen that way.

  • thats good to know, I am making a smallish game and pretty much everything happens in just 1 scene/level so I don't need it to remember variables for each level when the player completes it

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